The Uher Family
As I prayed I had to look down at my folded hands. Each finger felt as if it was 6 inches wide. I remember thinking, "What are these people doing to me?" 

I finished a prayer of salvation as waves of love and conviction flooded through my body. I went to this little Bible study at Psalms Bookstore in Marinette Wisconsin high on drugs, but this was different. 

Little did I know that would begin a completely new life. A life free from drugs, alcohol, pornography addiction, rage, hopelessness, and suicidal tendencies. In one instant everything changed. I met Jesus. 

That night on October 25, 2004, forever marked me and showed me personally the life-changing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As the Bible states in 2 Corinthians 5:17, "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new". This became a reality for me that no one could persuade me otherwise. 

I knew how deep my addictions ran and the hidden secrets, sin, and shame that I carried I no longer walked around with. I was forgiven and forever changed. For many weeks I would walk around town going back to see my friends at the bookstore who led me to Jesus and ask them "What did you do to me?". They would simply reply something like, "You are born again". 

By the grace of God, I met my beautiful wife Faith on black Friday in 2011 and we married on June 9, 2012. This was one of the many works of redemption in my life. Her name is very reflective of the person that she is and she walks wholeheartedly after Jesus with me. 

On Sunday, October 2nd, 2016 the Lord confirmed the calling on my life. I was led to 4 years of Christian education while working and raising a family. Once schooling was completed I worked for several more years as the Lord was maturing me and most importantly my motives for ministry. 

In late 2020, I received an email from Christ for All Nations that would be another defining moment in my life. The ministry of Reinhard Bonnke that I had watched for many years on YouTube holding incredible crusades in Africa was now offering an Evangelism Bootcamp training in Orlando Florida. 

I remember the fire and goosebumps that ran down my spine as I watched the promotional video. My heart yearned to be a part of it and sought the Lord intensely for many days. This decision would cost our family a lot. I was the only one working in our family and I would have to quit my very good job at Johnson Controls/Tyco of 14+ years and we would have to move our family to Orlando. After much prayer, counsel, and many confirmations we applied, and by the grace of God, I was accepted. 

We sold almost everything we had and went to Florida in faith all while we were creating a 501c3 non-profit called His Son Ministries. The training from Christ for all Nations was truly life-changing. From the teachers, impartation, practical outreaches, other evangelists, and the refining work of the Holy Spirit I was radically different. 

We then concluded our training with an on-the-field initiation trip to Tanzania Africa where as a team we saw over 316,000 people make documented decisions for Jesus!!! This was all during 3 weeks. I had realized that I had put God in a tiny little box in my mind and the experience there in Bootcamp had opened my eyes to new dimensions of the Holy Spirit and the power of the Gospel. 

In faith we purchased a 5th wheel camper and went to Florida to serve Jared Horton who was the CfaN Associate Crusade Minister / Bootcamp Operations Coordinator at CfaN for about 6 months for the next class of Bootcamp students. It was an honor to serve Jared and the leaders such as Evangelist Levi Lutz who is the Bootcamp Director at Christ for all Nations USA. 

It was during the initiation trip with the students as I served administratively for the team that God again blew open my mind to what He is capable of. We attended a flagship crusade in Ibadan Nigeria where an estimated 1,062,0000 people attended the four days of meetings and 752,792 people made decisions to follow Jesus. 

I would also see miraculous healings on a scale that I have never experienced. I saw blind eyes open, deaf ears hear, cripples walk, and so much more. We saw demonized people being set free and as a team, the students saw 239,901 documented decisions for Jesus. 

On the way back from Africa some team members were talking about how they wish the things we have seen in Africa would happen in America. As I pondered these frustrations of why these things are not seen in America a wave of holy anger rose up in me and I stated, "It is the same Jesus and same Holy Spirit in America!". 

On the plane home from Africa, I tested this revelation of the same Jesus in America out. I asked the woman sitting by me if she had any pain in her body. She told me about some bad pain in her foot. In the same way, I commanded sickness to leave in a tiny village in Tanzania Africa I told that foot to be healed. She could not believe it but her foot was completely healed. 

I then got to Orlando and prayed for two people in the bathroom and they both got healed. Since that time coming home from Africa in November of 2021, we have seen hundreds of people healed in the U.S. We have seen these healings in every church that we have preached at because that is what Jesus does. 

Our family, not including our two older kids who live and work in Wisconsin, travels together in full-time ministry across the country in our 5th wheel camper. Our home base is in Wisconsin. We do our best to follow Holy Spirit where He leads while working with the local pastors and other evangelists to reach the lost and energize and equip the saints. 

We still partner with the many evangelists from the CfaN Evangelism Alliance with outreaches, crusades, and other evangelistic missions but during this season we feel our focus is to help energize the Church and come alongside the local pastors.   

We would be honored to come and serve your ministry or church so please reach out to us if you are interested in having us come and share what the Lord has revealed to us. 

He is Worthy!

With sincere gratitude to King Jesus,
Dave, Faith, Lawsyn, Mystery, Padon, Aveah, Josiah, and Gilana
Our home on the road.

“Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation”

Mark 16:15

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